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Internet Access and Email Prices

Internet Access ADSL

Internet Small Business Dedicated Leased Line Service 24 hrs On-Line

 Leased Line aDSL or direct Cable from the ABCom main Internet Backbone or from the nearest Distribution Access Point with speeds up to 64kbps with 50%CIR.

24hrs Unlimited Internet traffic for a LAN with max 5pcs. Full on-line technical support via telephone or at your site.

One full featured Internet Backup account and Email Address + DNS Domain Services Included (Domain registration fees are not included).

Service Level: Line problems and other tech problems resolved within 5(five) working days

SETUP FEE:  There is a 250(EURO) one time nonrefundable set-up fee for the installation, on-line support, for this service.

 Text Box: 1 Muaj Abonim
 165 (EURO)
3 Muaj Abonim
450 (EURO)
6 Muaj Abonim
 810 (EURO)
1 Vit  Abonim



VAT is not included

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